Pollution: Brutal enemy of people beyond 60 years

Jeet Deepak Dholakia, Ahmedabad : Pollution, the word itself is a killer for each and every living creature. Year 2020 brought massive impact on each and everyone’s life. In this year, people of every age started taking extra care for their health. Due to lock down in the country, people experienced very drastic decline in the level of pollution. We could apparently see that the environment has become very clear and there is no any type pollution in various parts of the country. But, after the period of Unlock, the pollution level has started increasing again. But here one thing I should mention that in the lock down period, the weather was very hot in many parts of India but after Diwali in the month of November, 2020, the mercury started going down in many parts of the country. It just a starting of a winter, and during the growing winter, we not only have to avoid the cold, but in the meantime it is important to protect ourselves from the rising pollution. As still country is fighting with Covid situation, simple flu becomes deadly for some age people. People who are beyond the age of 60 years have the worst effect of increasing pollution. Due to which they have more difficulty in breathing, problems like cough, cold and those who already have any health problems have to be more disturbed by pollution. Not only does this happen to the elderly, but every child has to be troubled by it. Each and every time it is advised that, elderly people should refrain from going out without any precaution in the winter. It is necessary that the elderly should protect themselves amidst increasing pollution, with the help of which they do not have to face any health problems.

What to do to prevent health issues?

It is also very necessary to understand some precautions, so that elderly people will not get any illness due to pollution. Going out in the midst of increasing pollution can be very harmful for you. So, keep in mind that, when you go out, during winter and unlocked India, the pollutants go through the breath in your body which can make you sick by going to your respiratory tract or lungs. Therefore you should try that you should at least go out during increasing pollution. Although people like to take sunbath in winter, you can also take sunbath. But you have to take care that you should take sunbath outside only when the pollution level is low.

Mask is the only protective weapon

After the situation of covid in the whole world, people got to know and they understood the importance of Mask. During this pandemic time, mask is necessary for you in many ways, the mask has become necessary for everyone to protect against the ongoing corona virus outbreak. You can also use masks to avoid pollution. Whenever you go out, try to mask your face, by doing this, you will be unable to let pollutants in your body and keep yourself healthy.

Exercise will keep all decease far from your body

We can understand that, early morning exercise is little bit difficult for everyone, but I you exercise every day; no any decease will touch your body. Often, when people go for exercise or for a walk, they go only in the morning or evening. Whereas at both these times the level of pollution is very bad due to which the elderly may face more problems. So as long as there is a risk of pollution, you should exercise at home instead of going out. You can exercise at home regularly and keep yourself more active and fit. With the help of which you can also protect yourself from the bad effect of pollution.

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