Mahi River : Not so clean because of poisonous chemical

Vadodara : Mahi River, which passes from Padra Taluka of Vadodara district and meets in Jambusar taluka of Bharuch district in Gujarat, which is badly affected with poisonous chemical of local Business units. The 30 kms patch has been badly affected with the chemical and contaminated water which flows from the factories nearby. This poisonous chemical water has brought dangerous situation for the people who are living near the banks of the Mahi River. This pollution problem has not happened for the first time but since last 37 years, people are complaining about this dangerous issue. As per the environment activists, Vadodara Enviro Limited company is responsible for this pollution in River. He said, company doesn’t take any action to make poisonous water into clear water. Because of no any actions from Gujarat Pollution Control Board (GPCB), Centrtal Pollution Control Board (CPCB), National Green Tribunal and State government, since last more than 30 years, this dangerous work is running and they keep on violating laws of environment.

The water which flows from the Mahi River, meets the sea but because of heavy flowing sea water, the dangerous chemical added water reaches in the houses of people, who are living near the banks of river Mahi. People say that they have complained about this problem to the concerned authorities but nobody has paid the attention. Even Supreme Court has order to take stern actions against such type of business units but still nothing has happened by the authority. It seems that government has a soft corner towards these business units. Since last 3-4 years the issue of pollution in river has become very dangerous and because of that the oxygen level in the river is constantly decreasing and level of chemical is increasing. Now the Mahi River is not so clean because of dangerous level of chemicals. People say that if no any actions will be taken, river will become history. Officers from various authorities, come and visit this place, they even took samples from the river but it seems that it was leisure visit of those officers and no any actions have been taken yet. Business units are becoming limitless and they keep on pouring dangerous chemical in the river. This act from these unit is also dangerous for the eco system and Marine life. Now government should take some rigorous actions to control this dangerous activities.


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