Copenhagen’s popular attraction : converts waste to green energy

Amager Bakke is the high-efficiency energy recovery plant from waste

Copenhagen : Copenhagen’s popular attraction has now become environment friendly. This attraction converts waste into green energy. The Amager Bakke multimedia power plant in Copenhagen is increasing its energy efficiency by 107%. Throughout Europe, countries are working hard to reduce their dependence on fossil fuels for energy and heat production. In the meantime, a large proportion of energy will be derived from fossil fuels for decades to come. As a result, WTE facilities) will continue to make significant contributions to achieving climate objectives and higher energy efficiency targets. Rising from the center of Copenhagen, the Amager Bakke WTE centre is being established by the Amager Resource Centre (ARC) as an important step in meeting the needs of the future by providing low carbon power to 550,000 people and regional heating to 140,000 homes. As the Owner Engineer, Ramboll has helped the client increase output capacity to record higher levels and reduce sub-minimum price releases. The environmental protection technologies used at the facility, including some of the preferred reduction options and wet gas treatment, will result in an overgrown green appearance.

From garbage to electricity and clean water

This integrated heat-generating plant is capable of handling more than 400,000 tons of waste annually. Flue gas reduction pumps and heat pumps will be installed to increase heat production. As a result, Amager Bakke’s total energy efficiency of 107% will be among the world’s highest energy depletion rates, and has significant potential for reuse and recycling. The new structure can transmit electricity for two different purposes: hot water for three different regional heating networks and power grid electricity. In addition 15-20% of incoming waste can be recycled in road construction. As an entertainment bonus, the program is to establish four integrated flight slopes that citizens can enjoy and climb walls from the roof, built by the Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG).

The urban potential is supported by its central location adjacent to the existing ARC centre, a new housing complex and adjacent to the Opera and Queen of the Palace, meaning that Amager Bakke could be an integral part of the city’s natural environment. Copenhagen residents are the main beneficiaries of this facility. They will have cheaper and more sustainable electricity, regional heating and renewable energy for at least the next 20 years. To build roads with ashes. Good resource management is a key issue in waste management. At Amager Bakke, the car burning process provides an opportunity for recycling through non-recyclable materials. The separation of iron from subcutaneous ash achieves more than 90% of the strength of most basic and inert metals when using modern techniques. The bottom ash is used for road construction and similar construction purposes under the strict requirements of heavy metal content and leaching behaviour. Ramboll has been involved from the outset, providing project planning and interpretation, design, tender, procurement, project management and contracts, monitoring and shipping. Ramboll’s work includes the mechanical and gas (M&E) equipment for the new building, acquired through five M&E contracts leased and assembled by Ramboll.

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