Ahmedabad lost its green cover by 48% in last 2 years

Few districts in Gujarat to record a decline in overall forest cover

Ahmedabad : If you feel more problems of health in Ahmedabad, not only pollution is responsible. The forest cover of the district has also been on the decline stage. In fact, it is one of the few districts in Gujarat to record a decline in overall forest cover, this was revealed in the State of Forest Report. The district has recorded a huge 48% drop in forest cover. The city’s forest cover which was 17.86 sq km fell to 9.41 sq. km, a 48% fall. The reduction in forest cover was revealed in the Forest Services of India’s state of Forest Report 2021.

As the Ahmedabad city grows and construction activities of concrete froest increase, the plantation campaign launched by the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation may have joined the urban plantation campaign, which also includes more than a million of plantation equipments which are there only on paper. Some NGOs are also working on tree plantation drive and also working to increase the green cover but due to some reasons, city’s forest area is decreasing day by day and unplanned construction activities are increasing very fast. As per the data Residential and commercial housing has grown significantly from 2005 by 1,890.12 hectares from 2005 to 2011, from 8,168.31 hectares in 2005 to 10,058.43 hectares in 2011. Later, it increased by 4,085.79 from 2011 to 2016 to 14,144.22 hectares. Due to the rapid growth of cities, the demand for housing has increased so green covers are being replaced by gray covers. Now the situation is like, where there is a grey cover, they are providing the facility of verticle garden which is of no use.

We have got the data about deforestation in Ahmedabad, officials associated with this activities, declining the fact and they don’t accept that the froest cover is decreased. As forest cover is decreasing day by day, nois alarming situation and people and authorities should take some extra care and also should take planned action to increase the green cover in city like ahmedabad.



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આપ પણ અમારા પ્રયત્નમાં ભાગીદાર થઈ શકો છો.

શું આપ પણ પર્યાવરણની જાળવણી અને તે અંગે જાગૃતિ ફેલાવવા માગો છો, તો અમે The Environment Post (Newspaper) અને ડિજીટલ માધ્યમ થકી આપની માહિતી લોકો સુધી પહોંચડીશું. એક નવી દિશા તરફ આગળ વધવા માટે તેમજ પર્યાવરણ અંગે જાગૃતિનો સંદેશો ફેલાવવા અમે સતત પ્રયત્નશીલ છીએ. જો આપને અમારા દ્વારા આપવામાં આવતી માહિતી પસંદ હોય અને આપ પણ અમારી સાથે એક નવી દિશા તરફ જાગૃતિ લાવવા માગો છો તો અમારા @theenvironmentpost ના પેજને લાઈક કરો અને મદદ કરો.

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